24K silver serum

24K silver serum

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Contains pure 24 karat silver that works to eliminate paleness. The composition of this product makes the skin glow and works on skin renewal.

The active substance works on the smoothness of the skin, increases its freshness and activates the cells.

How to use

Shake the bottle well before use to make sure you get the silver flakes every time

This serm is used as follows:

This serum is used as follows:

1-  As a daily moisturizer: put a few points in the palm of your hands and then gently massage your face and neck, for better results, use it in the morning and evening.

2-  Use before applying your makeup: put 2-3 drops on your face, then gently distribute it over your entire face.

3- Use to moisturize your lips: Apply it to your lips to moisturize it, making sure that the lips have absorbed the serum.

4 This product can be mixed with foundation powder: Apply the foundation cream in the form of drops on your skin, put 1-3 drops of this product on a makeup brush or sponge, then gently massage the base cream, this serum can be used to hide skin imperfections in the same way in order to have a healthy skin.


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and if this happens, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and light and out of reach of children.

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